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Sales & Support

Newton is dedicated to providing its customers with first-class service and support. When assistance is needed you will be connected with a real person not an automated service. Automation has its place but we feel this is not one of them! All of our customers receive a dedicated representative and a team to support them.

Main Line: (919) 575-6426

Fax: (919) 575-4708

Sales Personnel
Title Name
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Direct Line Cell Phone
Customer Service Supervisor Edward Poyo (919) 575-8128  
Customer Service Representative Kristen Miura (919) 575-5524  
Customer Service Representative Donielle Duncan (919) 575-8131  
Customer Service Representative Tiffany Latta (919) 575-5513  
Customer Service Representative & Outside Sales Support Ray Hilton (919) 575-5520  
National Account Manager Les Brunson (919) 575-5506 (919) 630-2742
Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable (919) 575-6426  
Accounts Payable Accounts Payable (919) 575-6426