Newton Security Cage Assemblies

Newton Security Cage Assemblies

4 wall Assemblies

Intended for the "Right When You Need It" market, Newton has created selected pre-kitted assemblies. These assemblies will be available with a much shorter lead time than the less conventional cage configurations.

Currently available is an 8'W x 8'D x 8'H complete cage kit with 1.5" square hole panels and door.


6" is from center to center of Vertical Post. Overall dimension is 98" x 98".

A coplete 4 wall 8′ x 8′ security enclosure

A coplete 4 wall 8′ x 8′ security enclosure.

3 wall Add On

Also available is the 8' x 8' add-on kit. (Note – this add-on kit is supplemental and is to be used when the above 8'W x 8'D x 8'H has already been installed.) The add-on kit consists of sufficient parts to complete three sides of a square cage. The fourth side will already exist from the cage to which it is being joined.

3 wall add on Illustration

A complete 3 wall kit to add onto and exsisting 4-wall 8′ x 8′ security cage.