Security Caging Products

Cross-guard by Newton.

Secure and protect your company’s valuable assets with Cross-Guard Security Caging by Newton. Made in the USA, our sturdy 16-gauge steel caging solutions provide an effective perimeter around any asset that requires an added level of security. Durability and long lasting aesthetics is manufactured in every panel with a powder coat polyester painted finish. Sight options are provided with choices in square hole pattern size to include ½”, 1-½”, solid, and a combination of solid and square holes (hybrid). Optional roof and under floor panels are available to provide added security.

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Modular Scalable Caging Systems for the Data Center Environment

Manufactured from rugged 16-gauge steel construction

  • Powder Coated with Polyester Hybrid paint for a long lasting and durable finish.
  • 41″ Sliding door weldment with high security mechanical locking system
  • Standard co-location cages can be configured in 4 x 8, 8 x 8 or we can customize virtually any size that fits your needs.
  • Standard heights are 8′ with cage extensions to reach 12′
  • Modular and scalable, caging systems for the data center environment can be re-configured to meet future demand


  • Roof Panels for additional security: HIPPA, Financial, Government applications
  • Below the raised floor, physical barrier panels can be included for additional security


  • Caging is anchored to the floor at recommended intervals
  • Support angles brace long lineal runs, as well as, overhead bracing needs

Cage Assembly

  • Cages consist of vertical posts, horizontal posts, and wall panels.
  • Wall panels are available in small, large and extra-large panels
  • Vertical posts are placed at 8’ intervals (standard)
  • When fully assembled two small panels and one large panel make up an 8’ section
  • Ceiling Panels are modular and available in lengths corresponding to the cage dimensions
  • Doors consist of a Door Panel and accessory Kit

Made in the USA

All our products are manufactured in Butner, NC, USA

The Security Caging Catalog

A catalog of Newton's Security Caging. If you prefer to download by section, follow the links below.