Newton Security Cage Panels

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Panel Accessories

Support leg

Support Leg

Support Leg connects to the floor and Vertical Post to add strength to larger cages.

The support leg is used to provide additional strength to the overall structure on larger cage configurations. It is connected to the floor and any applicable vertical post as needed.

Support leg AngleOrdering
Newton Part # Description
2229170048 Support Leg


Panel Fixing Angle

Panel Fixing Angle allows for custom cage configurations.

Standard panel sizes will not always fit exactly into the desired overall dimension of some custom cage configurations. (For example – in a more rectangular configuration.) In this case the cage panel will have to be shortened to the required width. The panel fixing angle (2 required) allows the cut panel edge to be covered to protect against any sharp edges and also fixes it to the vertical post.

Panel Fixing AngleOrdering
Newton Part # Description Height
2229230048 Panel Fixing Angle 8′-0″
2229230148 Panel Fixing Angle 7′-6″