Equipment Racks: NDR

Newton Data Racks

The Newton Data Rack is a high-quality, versatile, and cost-effective premise-style equipment rack solution for both telecommunication and data requirements. The lightweight, self-squaring design makes assembly and installation quick and easy. These kits are shipped unassembled in a compact, secure package in order to maximize storage space and minimize shipping costs. Equipment mounting hardware and assembly instructions are included in every kit.

NDR Series

Data Style EQ Rack

NDR Footprint

NDR Footprint

Dimensions 19″ 23″
A 17-3/4″ 21-3/4″
B 18-5/16″ 22-5/16″
C 20-1/4″ 24-1/4″
D 16″ 20″
NDR Views

NDR Views

NDR iso

NDR iso


Table below shows complete part numbers for a limited selection of SUFERs . Newton has several SUFER configurations to fit your application, contact your Customer Service Representative for other height and mounting options

NDR Ordering
Part Number Width Height Hole pattern Assembly Finish
NDR084190030 19″ 7′-0″ EIA Universal bolted Gray 30
NDR090190030 19″ 7′-6″ EIA Universal bolted Gray 30
NDR096190030 19″ 8′-0″ EIA Universal bolted Gray 30