Equipment Racks: SymRack

Newton's Symmetrical Equipment Rack

The Symrack is a heavy duty equipment rack which can be configured as a standard UFER or Network Bay by choosing the appropriate front and rear guard rails at time of order.

Several ordering options are available including open or closed duct, various height options in either 19″ or 23″ widths. Mounting hole patterns are available in WECO, EIA WIde and EIA Universal. Standard finish codes are 30 (TE gray), 31 (Telco, ADC gray) and 64 (Telco blue).Product weight: Approximately 100 lbs.

Newton's 7′–0″ Seismic Symrack has an overall load rating of 875 lbs. when tested with weight plates to simulate rack mounted equipment. The rack was tested by an independent test lab. to GR-63 Core, zone 4 earthquake criteria.

The first mounting hole for any Network Bay option is 5″ above floor level and 6-3/4″ above floor level for EIA spacing. For the UFER option, the first mounting hole is 7″ above floor level on the 1″ hole pattern configuration. This is a minimum clearance in either direction.

Rack A B C D W
23″ 21-3/4″ 22-5/16″ 5-3/16″ 17-3/16″ 26″
19″ 17-3/4″ 18-5/16″ 5-3/16″ 13-3/16″ 22″
  • The symmetric design allows the racks to be installed in either closed or open duct
  • The symmetric equipment rack does not offer a version with a top angle. Configurations. Two covers (front and rear) will be required in either arrangement.
  • The symmetric design always provides a 2″ rear guard in either open or closed duct.
SymRack ISO

Closed Duct oriented SymRack Illustration

SymRack  Footprint

SymRack Footprint

SymRack Upright Profile

SymRack Footprint Profile

Table below shows complete part numbers for a limited selection of SymRack . Newton has several SymRack configurations to fit your application, contact your Customer Service Representative for other height and mounting options

SymRack Ordering Table
Part Number A B C D W Rack Hole Pattern Mounting Spaces Height
SY8419100030 17-3/4″ 18-5/16″ 5-3/16″ 13-3/16″ 22″ 19″ Network bay EIA WIde 42 7′-0″
SY8423200030 21-3/4″ 22-5/16″ 5-3/16″ 17-3/16″ 26″ 23″ Network Bay EIA Universal 42 7′-0″